In a world that emphasizes immediacy, we choose to anchor ourselves in traditions of Italian craftsmanship and thoughtful execution. Setting new levels with our exclusive personalised experience, guides our philosophy and is unmistakably PRYZM. Each finished creation is an art object unto itself — as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye.

Luxury and inspiration in eyewear.

PRYZM is inspired by the refractive feature of an optical prism block. A prism breaks up white light into a spectrum of different colours. This concept gave us the vision to create stylish spectacle frames in a range of colours, styles and lens tints. It represents how each individual person can have different personas and it can be matched with your unique and personalised PRYZM frame.

PRYZM became a concept through its founders, who have more than 15 years of combined experience within the optical industry. From their time working with various optical companies, they have been able to develop, not only their clinical knowledge but also their understanding of what people look for in stylish, luxury spectacle frames.

“We have both been wearing glasses from a very young age and we have always found it incredibly difficult to find a style of spectacle frames that suit us. If or when we do, it’s usually not in the colour of our choice, which is why we decided to create something that offers customers numerous options rather than limited choices.”

Bhavi & Mishaal